Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Misaki teaches....How to win hearts....and a new home

Rob wasn't an 'animal' person when we met, but he is now a MEGA cat person, he adores our cats. He especially loves snuggly ones. I told Misaki when I brought him home he had to work some magic on Rob so he could stay...this is his version.....
"Hi, Daddy...want some lovings?"

"Come on dad, you know you do...I see that smile forming"

"Oh daddy, I love belly rubbings"

Daddy was trying to get me to play with my tail, like Mini Dee does...I'm not as funny about it. I'm told Mini Dee grouches at her tail, bites it then licks it all better.

"Acting Silly does the trick"

Oh daddy, that's the spot right there (Rob is AWESOME about finding our cats favorite spots to be loved/petted).

"My job is all done, look at that happy smile on daddy's face...it's official...I'm staying".

Do you think he loves me as much as I love him?

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Jarubla said...

:) I like this!

Saki is now in heaven chasing butterflies in a sun filed meadow. No more pain, safe now with God!