Friday, April 18, 2008

Starting Over

So daddy redid our severs the other day, and forgot to back up my blog and our video database (which had over 600 movies already listed in it), so we are starting over! Can you believe that? I have been doing well recently. Mommy has decided that I am too chunky so we are starting to go for things called Walks...honestly I am having a ball! I wag my tail the whole time and I jump over (she the divider lines in the sidewalks which makes mommy laugh. I'm also braver than my BIG brother Duncan, he wigs out if he hears noises on our walks, a fence was creaking and he ran to the end of the leash...what a baby :-) You'll see some of my pictures my bump on my head is visible, but it hasn't given me any problems for a while. I maybe throw up every 10 days or so, but nothing too serious for a while :-).

Mommy LOVES buying me clothes. Here are my latest new outfits:

Black dress with shiny different colored sayings on it

Tank top & denim skirt (daddy says it's my 'spandex' outfit cause I don't have the figure for it :-)

"Glamour to the Bone" sweatshirt hoodie it's navy blue and pink

Pink cheetah pattern harness vest with a cute little bow on it.

Please feel free to leave your 'paw prints' (comments) so I know who was here :-).