Monday, May 26, 2014

Kitties and Zoey

Cedes is one of the cats that I have bottle raised (she's 5 years old now), she is attached at my hip pretty much.  She is always in my lap or following me around.

DeeJay on top of my Jewelry tackle box
 Mini Dee (monkey see, monkey do)
 Zoey, guarding a bone so the cats or Ruby can't have it (note she doesn't even chew on bones all that much.  LOL

Mouse & some Munchie

Mouse LOVES this toy, we got from Dollar Tree
 Rob commented on how silky and soft she was, her coat is in awesome shape thanks to the raw diet I feed her (you can learn more about it here:
 Munchie is in touch with his feminine side :)

Ruby Sue's Day

Ruby Got a bath today (lavender shampoo and an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse to help her itchies and her skin infection
 She was snoozing underneath my desk
 All tuckered out
 Excited and ready to go for a walk
 Water break on our walk
Ruby came home from our walk and immediately laid out in the shade doing the "frog"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Day in pictures

Can you tell they aren't allowed to sleep with us?  Ruby, Munchie, DeeJay & Mercedes all on our bed

DeeJay cleans the bowl after I made Mouse' raw food

Mini Dee sleeping in her favorite bed.

Me thinks we need another freezer.....well that and look at all that raw yummy goodness for my animals.  I have 3 cats on Raw and 1 dog, working at transitioning 2nd Dog

My cute girl Ruby.  We've only had her for a week

She doesn't feel very good in this picture, she had 6 teeth pulled yesterday

Ruby tasting some raw for the first time, this is her 1st raw meal.  I am transitioning her so she is on a completely grain/carb free diet which will help 'starve' the yeast that she's got going on, on her skin and her ears.

Ruby's first raw meal, made a mixture just like I used to for Zoey.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dental Tip I learned today....

So I learned a trick from one of our clients today....her dog will not allow her to brush his teeth so she uses the Dentastix from pedigree.  Then she uses the CET Beef Toothpaste (she says only the Beef or Seafood ones work as they are a 'thinner' texture and easier to put on the treat) and puts a little line of it down one of the 'grooves' on the Dentastix and her dog eats it up!  She has a yorkie!  What a neat tip!  I use RMB (Raw Meaty Bones) to keep my dogs teeth clean, but I thought I would pass this tip along!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Days Part 2

Tiggles being cute
Munchie snoozing in the cat bed on top of the subwoofer

Tiggles turn in the window

Tiggles N Cedes in the window

Tiggles & Cedes my beautiful girls

Lazy Days Part One

Cedes is OBSESSED with this little container, she is constantly sleeping in it
You woke me for a camera flash?  Seriously MOM!

Sunbathing in the window

DeeJay sunbathing