Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoey Princess!

Zoey my little Chihuahua turns 3 today!

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're gonna be 'grand--feathered--parents'

We have 5 Birds right now (1 Congo African Grey, 2 Lovebirds and 2 Parakeets), well October 6th, my lovebird Kira whom is 2 years old decided to start laying eggs, so every other day for about 10 days she laid an egg, so we've got 5 eggs. We are hoping they are fertile as both my lovies are both DNA'd sexed 1 Male 1 Female.
Here are the pictures:

This is her nesting box, his and her feathers, and then lots and lots of shredded paper towels, they shred their cage lining EVERY day. Thinking gonna have to get something else for the bottom of their cage! They've got about 4 or 5 large piles around their cage. BUT it's best not to disturb them too much or mommy will get really upset!

Here's the happy couple. Kira (mommy) on the left she is a Sea Green Lovebird, and Kai is on the right he is a Green Violet Peach Face Lovebird. They both came from the same breeder in West Jordan. Kai is fairly recent addition after Kira's '1st Mate' had an unfortunate accident with my cat DeeJay.......Kermit was 6 years old. But Kira and Kermit weren't bonded very well. But Kai and Kira are VERY VERY close! He takes her food into the nesting box so she doesn't have to leave the babies for very long! What a sweetie....wish all men were like that :)

The eggs have to incubate for about 23 days, so beginning on the 29th of October we will begin watching for hatchlings! I'm so excited, I've never really dealt with baby birds before other than the baby sparrows/robins that have been brought into the clinic. So this is a DEFINITE learning experience. Rob has had lots of this is one 'animal' species where he 'dwarfs' my knowledge :).