Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Misaki teaches....How to win hearts....and a new home

Rob wasn't an 'animal' person when we met, but he is now a MEGA cat person, he adores our cats. He especially loves snuggly ones. I told Misaki when I brought him home he had to work some magic on Rob so he could stay...this is his version.....
"Hi, Daddy...want some lovings?"

"Come on dad, you know you do...I see that smile forming"

"Oh daddy, I love belly rubbings"

Daddy was trying to get me to play with my tail, like Mini Dee does...I'm not as funny about it. I'm told Mini Dee grouches at her tail, bites it then licks it all better.

"Acting Silly does the trick"

Oh daddy, that's the spot right there (Rob is AWESOME about finding our cats favorite spots to be loved/petted).

"My job is all done, look at that happy smile on daddy's face...it's official...I'm staying".

Do you think he loves me as much as I love him?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sickly babies....

First off....it looks like Misaki is going to be joining our family. He's keeping his brother Pipsqueak out of trouble, and entertained....YEAH my other cats are SO relieved:

DeeJay has been excessively grumpy lately, normally she is grumpy when she needs her anal glands expressed but something else was going on. She had a lump by her chin so I took her to work with me yesterday, it's an infection, since DeeJay is a pill to medicate she got a shot of long acting (5 day) penicillin. Then my dad checked her bladder (she has Interstitial Cystitis) and it was fine but he noticed he was full of crap...literally, so DeeJay is constipated which is why she's probably being grumpy....so we attempted to give her some laxatone....YAH that was a nightmare...picking up some pumpkin and mineral oil tomorrow.

Then Munchie Roodles did something to his eye last night he couldn't hardly open it, and he is breathing 'raspyish', well his eye has a small scratch on it (probably from wrestling with Misaki), and his breathing is raspy (loud) but not in his lungs but his throat, he's had it for a long time, he thinks that he has a developmental issue with his trachea, so we are going to watch him, if it causes problems for him we will check into it further. He may have collapsing trachea as occassionally he will lower his head to the ground (flat) and cough for a few seconds, sometimes I have to rub his throat to get him to stop. You can kind of see his eye in the left in the picture below, Mini Dee is on the side of him, that's her latest accomplishment....sitting on the back of the couch...yesterday she had us LOL'ing as she dang near jumped over the ENTIRE couch from the floor...YES she puts THAT much umph behind her jumps....

And Munchie says Mommy's tired....time for bed:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My girls

Mini Dee smiles when she is happy, literally, see the wide stance in her legs, that helps keep her balance since she has Cerebral Hypoplasia

One of her favorite positions, she loves to get picked up by Rob and perch on his shoulder, he says she will come and rub on his legs in the morning till he picks her up for some lovings.

DeeJay and Mini Dee Snuggling in the small basket:

As they get closer, Mini was actually cleaning the inside of DeeJay's ears:

I love this one, each one has their legs sticking out

Some of my boys

Misaki is home for the weekend, and is such a snuggle bug:

Here he is doing the 'frog', most normal cats don't do this, but because he has hip dysplasia he can.

Munchie is such a handsome fella, he sure got dark, you can see thin spots on his back leg, that's where he has scar tissue from his staph infection he got after his knee surgery, it was NASTY and took FOREVER to heal.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Remember Misaki?

We have my cat Pipsqueaks littermate Misaki, who is a 10 month old blue point siamese for adoption at the Vet Clinic I work at...he's had a lot of issues, he had an intestinal prolapse essentially back in October, got him over that, and we just found out he has Hip Dysplasia (VERY RARE in cats) and Luxating Patellas. So while we were still pursuing finding him a home (I've been trying to talk my hubby into him but sending subliminal messages such as cute pictures...just talking about him etc...but not flat out asking...that doesn't work so well with him, as Misaki is an absolute sweetie). Anyways a few weeks ago this lady saw him on Petfinder and decided she wanted him, so she came in, we had just diagnosed with him hip dysplasia, so I talked to her extensively about it, told her there is a possibility he may need to have FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) surgery in the future which the new owner would be responsible for (average price PER LEG is anywhere from $600-$1800.00 depending on the vet), so she has been thinking about it, then Tuesday she came in and decided she wanted him and was going to pick him up Saturday (today).

So 10 min before closing she comes in and tells me that she wants to adopt him and if he ends up needing surgery she's just going to put him to sleep, as she can get another cat for under $100.00 why should she spend THAT ludicrous amount of money on a CAT? WHAT THE HECK! Needless to say I refused to let her take him, and told her that we want a 'forever' home for him. She told me I was being mean, I told her "No, mam, I think you are the one that is being mean, he is a living, breathing creature who deservest o have the BEST home possible, not to be discarded when he might end up costing money". She stormed out at that point. Yes we know it might be difficult, but we have another siamese who was adopted last year who has hip dysplasia as well and the adopters agreed to do the surgery if it comes up that Alex would need it. I was so mad I was shaking. She put on her adoption application "What would you do/spend on this pet if he requires expensive surgery or medical treatment?" she put on there she'd spend whatever it took to make him better. I guess she only meant that until it came down to it. Misaki deserves a better home than that. He is one of the SWEETEST cats we have for adoption, he gives hugs, loves attention, doesn't use his claws, even when he 'hugs' you. He doesn't hiss at anybody and purrs at the drop of a hat. My dear sweet hubby let me bring Misaki home today for the weekend, I'll be taking him back on Tuesday....maybe ;) I know once Rob meets him he'll be hooked.

Here are some more pictures of him:
(He was taking my camera for a walk...LOL he would grab on to the cord then walk away with it)

More taking the camera for a walk:

Here he is giving me a hug

Investigating...the little paper sticking down where you can see a bunch of 'arrows' on it is my mom/dad's Lynx Point Siamese Mix; Cooney's bloodwork from several months ago, where just about everything was super elevated. He's 17 years old and has kidney failure...but is still going strong...believe it or not he is an outdoor cat, and comes in only at night, and in the winter, they have NEVER been able to keep him inside all the time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who needs cat beds?

When you have baskets? Rob's mom got our cats addicted to baskets...
Pipsqueak aka Pippy Whips

Mini Dee & Pipsqueak

Munchie in a 'small' basket

Munchie...holding Pip down so pip doesn't bite him. Munchie is one of our cats that doesn't take ANY crap from Pipsqueak, he gives him a piece of his own medicine...can you tell they are 1/2 brothers? (Same dad) Munchie really looks HUGE compared to Pip who weighs 8#

DeeJay & Mini Dee (bottom), can you see why Mini Dee is a Mini DeeJay?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cutie pie Misaki for adoption

This is our kitty Pipsqueaks littermate, and just like Pippy Whips, Misaki has had a slew of health issues. When he was a baby, he had coccidia and had really bad diarrhea, we thought it was because he was straining so hard, but he actually ended up with a rectal prolapse...or so we thought....when we opened him up it ended up being an Ileal/Cecal/Colonic Intussuseption...so part of his intestines were actually poking out his bum. Poor kitty! We did surgery on him in October and he hasn't had any problems with it since. Has gained weight and is generally a happy boy. He also has hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation BOTH rare in cats, but probably because he's inbred. His brother had PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis) which is a heart condition. Misaki, will have to be on meds for the rest of his life to control pain in his joints, as well as may possibly need surgery....so his options for finding a home are bleak...we've had him since he was 8 weeks old (he's now 9 months old) and he is a beautiful handsome sweet blue point siamese. He is one of about 30 cats/kittens we have right now for adoption with the majority of them STILL being siamese.

He prefers attention when he is out and about, this was taken today of him getting loves. He gives 'gentle' hugs. As soon as you open up his cage he 'jumps' on you and wraps his paws around your neck, he hardly ever uses his claws.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My little beggars....

Pipsqueak (siamese) and DeeJay (chartreaux) are my string cheese HOUNDS. They can hear you open one up from anywhere in the house EVEN if you open it very very slowly and don't make any noise hardly. They are on it like flies on honey :) I got a couple cute shots of my beggars. Note...they hadn't even had any yet, DeeJay was just hungry. If she doesn't get what she wants she will start 'smacking' you with her paws, then will use her paw to 'pull' your hand to her. Little STINKER! She also smacks your icecream with her paw then licks her paw off. Then one of Mini Dee (smaller blue kitty), DeeJay and Pipsqueak snuggled on their thermal bed on the couch....which is a rare moment as Pipsqueak being only 9 months old is still very much a kitten, and he hasn't figured out how to 'play nice' with Mini Dee so he end sup trampling her a lot and making her fall over, so she hisses at him, and he's not really her 'favorite'.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Munchie Roodles

Munchie is 'appropriately' named, he is a mega food HOUND! He can sense canned food from anywhere in the house. He comes running. He INSISTS that he gets canned food each day, he does his 'baby bird' impression VERY well, where he basically sits and stares at the empty bowl, then up and me screaming as loud as he can for his food. Needless to say he needs to lose a little weight...he's 14#! He's my big guy :) Anyways he sits on the chair in the kitchen while I prepare their canned food....notice as he 'inches' closer....LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Mamma's pride n Joy!

Mini Dee is our little 'special' baby. Her mom came from an animal shelter and had distemper when she was pregnant. So Mini Dee has something called "Cerebral Hypoplasia" or www.chkittyclub.com , she had 4 brothers and sisters and only 1 other kitty got it, Victoria (Tori) who was returned for adoption at 1 year old, and still needs a home now.... Anyways it just makes her a little unstable on her feet. Her brothers weren't letting her eat, so she was a tiny squirt of a thing so Rob told me to bring her home and we'd fatten her up, well...let's just say the rest is history. Anyways on to 'A Mama's Pride N Joy. Mini Dee is not a 'agile' as other cats, and it takes her quite some time to learn how to do things that come easy for normal cats. The first time she jumped on the bed, the first time she climbed on my lunch bag, the first time she jumped on the couch were HUGE Events!

Well she's been staying at the clinic till we got our Pet Deposit taken care of, and we brought her home this week FINALLY! I was concerned with how she'd do with stairs as she's never been around them. She sat at the top of our stairs and contemplated how she was going to approach them for quite a while before finally giving it a go. She took it slowly and did it step by step, and only slipped on 1 of the stairs. I was so proud and happy for her I was crying. She literally BEAMS when she accomplishes something. She will be 3 years old this year. As for her name, if you've seen or met DeeJay Mini Dee is a spitting image of her, only more slender, and has a lot of the same quarks as DeeJay, so Rob named her Mini Dee.
Look at how tiny she was!
My cute baby girl!
She LOVES to jump and climb on top of my lunch bag, this day the little velcro flap at the top fell through and she fell inside, she stayed there for hours :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zoey & Sebastian

Zoey is 'terrified' that Sebastian is going to steal her bones. So instead of enjoying them she sits and 'guards' them for like 30-45 minutes before she will actually eat them. She is so intense about it too LOL! The Schnauzer is "Viggo" our Doggie Daycare "Supervisor" he loves his bones too! The cat is Alvin an office cat who was discarded by his owners after he was no longer perfect (needed his toes amputated due to an infection). He is an AWESOME cat!

Sebastian & Zoey