Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a little rant....

OMG! So we work with a few of the rescues around here and they called us yesterday to see if we could do the vet work for a Great Dane who was in one of the local shelters. Well they brought him in today. He is 1 year old, weighs 80# Yep you saw that right...he should probably weight 120# or more. He is so emaciated you can see every bone in his body. The shelter has had him for 3 weeks, they said he refused to eat, we have now fed him twice and he gobbled it all up (just needed to be fed and we gave him some canned food with it). Anyways they have been trying to get him out but they had to do temperament test 1st and had 20 dogs ahead of him! The rescue group told them they would do the temperament test but they insisted on doing it. SO after he got here he peed in his room, looked like he'd been holding it for a week, and I noticed blood next to it (I wasn't here as I was going to pick up a kitten from the shelter...see below). Anyways the pussy blood I thought was coming from his pee so I went to grab a syringe to check his urine, then I went to collect it and it was dripping from his nose! They have had him for 3 weeks and didn't even notice, I had to call the rescue and inform them this poor little guy is mega sick, has a fever and all, but is happy as can be, oh and he's *aggressive* as he bit the 'hand' they temperament test with, um, he's starving of course he's going to bite the hand....he is sweet as can be and 'wants' to give kisses, but I think I'll wait until he's no longer oozing from his nose...I've had my fair share of strep this year :) The shelter named him 'Tank" which is NOT appropriate for him at all in the condition he's in.

Then a DIFFERENT shelter called me last night just before closing, they had a little kitten who was found who was packing his leg, it was apparantly broken, he is Mr Personality , I couldn't get out there yesterday so they gave him some Torbugesic (pain meds) and I went and got him today, they were SO concerned about him. They are the shelter I get most of my bottle fed kittens from, even though they are full to capacity they try to do whatever they can to get the cats and dogs homes. They are in a city where the majority of the dogs at the shelter are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes, they have an arrangement where people can get Pits and Black Cats spayed or neutered for free because there are so many of them. It's unreal. Anyways little Chance has a severely fractured ankle/leg, and is going to need it Pinned, right now we have it casted. My dad is asking up at the Vet Tech school he teaches at if they would like to do that for their surgery class so they get the orthopedic experience (he's the surgeon), or if not we will do his surgery on Friday, he is on pain meds and anti-inflammatories and what a big sweetie pie, he purrs and purrs LOUD.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I's don't feel too hot...

I's don't feel so good this morning, I've pukied my guts out about 6 times, mommy gave me this stuff that supposed to stop it, and so far so good, Grandpa thinks that my ulcer is acting up. So I get to take the nasty pink stuff again for 3 weeks, and some nasty tasting pill UGH!