Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Just some pictures of Shellie taken at my work, she has her own exercise pen that I can lock her up in if she's too rambunctious while I'm grooming or too distracting for the pet being groomed, otherwise her and the Chi's alternate getting to run around in my grooming room. The picture of the black dog (Cassie-Standard poodle) shows how Cassie was 'guarding' her bone while chilling in my grooming room with Shellie...both of them are bone hounds :)

Lazy Days.....

Zoey, Sebastian and Shellie have their own exercise pens up in our grooming area/room so they can spend their days with mommy while she's grooming. Depending on the day, either the chi's or Shellie get to roam around the large room and just hang out. Zoey and Sebastian spend a lot of their time snoozing....here are some pictures:
**In the 2nd picture Zoey is 'guarding' a bone, she does that she will just sit and 'stare' at her bone for HOURS on end and if Bastian gets too close he gets snarled at, eventually she will eat it, but it's NEVER right away, even the dingo bones she loves so well.....silly girl!