Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Day in pictures

Can you tell they aren't allowed to sleep with us?  Ruby, Munchie, DeeJay & Mercedes all on our bed

DeeJay cleans the bowl after I made Mouse' raw food

Mini Dee sleeping in her favorite bed.

Me thinks we need another freezer.....well that and look at all that raw yummy goodness for my animals.  I have 3 cats on Raw and 1 dog, working at transitioning 2nd Dog

My cute girl Ruby.  We've only had her for a week

She doesn't feel very good in this picture, she had 6 teeth pulled yesterday

Ruby tasting some raw for the first time, this is her 1st raw meal.  I am transitioning her so she is on a completely grain/carb free diet which will help 'starve' the yeast that she's got going on, on her skin and her ears.

Ruby's first raw meal, made a mixture just like I used to for Zoey.

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